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About Us


The Upper Midwest Utility Fleet Council is a group of gas, electric and telecommunications fleet managers who meet twice a year to discuss common problems and learn more about events happening in the profession.  The members are drawn from the upper Midwest regions of the United States and Canada including: Iowa, Kansas, Manitoba, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.


Meetings are generally held the third week in October and April. Annual presentations by truck and auto manufacturers keep the group updated on chassis specifications.  Once each year, the group tours a facility in the Twin Cities area that has some connection to fleet, construction or maintenance facility operation.  At least one session per meeting is devoted to a round table discussion of current interest topics.  Wednesday is devoted to presentations by the associate members (suppliers of utility fleet products who help support the organization).

There are no membership dues. Fees for meeting registration cover the operational expenses of the group. Guests are welcome. Potential members or associates are encouraged to learn more by contacting any of the Officers or by emailing the Upper Midwest Utility Fleet Council at:

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